Become ‘automatic’ on the volley

It’s amazing when you watch tennis pros like Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic volley a tennis ball. They seem to do it unconsciously as if it required no thought. How do they do this? The secret is what is called ‘muscle memory’. Muscle memory is the foundation of all of our strokes. It is the execution of the correct kinetic motion that has become ingrained into our bodies as a result of all of the repetitions of hitting a tennis ball. Through repetition, our bodies learn the most effective way to hit a tennis ball and ‘save’ those memories into our muscles like a computer saves a file on a hard drive. When you watch the pros, you are seeing them using muscle memories of hundreds of thousands of tennis balls hit when they were younger. How do you make your volley ‘automatic’? You need to build those muscle memories by hitting thousands upon thousands of repetitions. The Powernet actually enables you to hit thousands of repetitions through a controlled environment. It would take you thirty times as long to do it on the court as you can at home with the Powernet and you don’t even need a partner! The result is that you can quickly and effectively build those muscle memories so you too can become automatic on the court. So what are you waiting for?

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