Add Serve and Volleying into your game

When I play tennis, I always serve and volley. This is an anomaly in today’s game. The reason I do so is quite simple, pressure. Tennis is a game of pressure. You are trying to bring pressure to the other person’s game because when they are under pressure, they make mistakes. By forcing the issue through serving and volleying, and being able to volley effectively, I am making the person feel like they have no choice but to hit a perfect shot. This leads to mistakes. The key to this strategy is being able to volley effectively. It only works if you can consistently hit a good volley and force the issue. The Powernet gives you the ability to practice thousands and thousands of volleys anytime, anywhere using the correct motion The result is that you gain ‘muscle memories’ that help you the execute the correct motion, even when you are under pressure. Expand your game by using the Powernet to become an effective serve and volley player.

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