How It Works

The Powernet Forces You to Volley Correctly

The Powernet forces you to volley with the correct motion in order for it to work. With just minutes of usage a day, The Powernet will train you to use a locked wrist, keep the racket above the wrist, keep the racket parallel to the front shouder, and eliminate swinging. What's more, the Powernet gives you the ability to volley an unbelievable amount of repetitions in a short amount of time. The result? These memories become ingrained in your muscles and translate into excellent volleys on the court!

The Powernet Builds Muscle Memory

The saying "Perfect practice makes perfect volleys" is true. The Powernet works on the principle of what is called muscle memory. Like our brains, our muscles can also contain memories. To learn something we must first create the correct muscle memories. We do this by doing a stroke correctly and then doing it again and again and again.

You've Played With the Powernet Before

The Powernet is modeled after a game we all played with as a kid called paddleball. Remember the wooden paddle and the little red ball with the string? In the beginning it was impossible to hit the red ball because we wanted to swing the paddle. It was only when we started to 'block' the ball that we were able to get it going. The Powernet teaches you the same motion. By forcing you to lock your wrist and block the ball, you are learning the exact motion for the volley.

Use it Anytime, Anywhere!

What's more you can play it anywhere. The Powernet is completely portable so you can volley on the court, in the parking lot or in your living room! You don't even need a tennis court! So what are you waiting for? With our 30 day no fuss guarantee you have nothing to lose and a perfect volley to gain. Head on over to our online store and pick one up today or see more videos.