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Attack the second serve like Roger Federer

Many player’s weakest part of their game is the second serve. Roger Federer now employs the strategy of attacking the second serve and coming in behind it to put away the volley. Because Roger has such good volleys, he can apply pressure to his opponent’s second serve which actually causes them to either make mistakes…
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Become ‘automatic’ on the volley

It’s amazing when you watch tennis pros like Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic volley a tennis ball. They seem to do it unconsciously as if it required no thought. How do they do this? The secret is what is called ‘muscle memory’. Muscle memory is the foundation of all of our strokes. It is the…
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Add Serve and Volleying into your game

When I play tennis, I always serve and volley. This is an anomaly in today’s game. The reason I do so is quite simple, pressure. Tennis is a game of pressure. You are trying to bring pressure to the other person’s game because when they are under pressure, they make mistakes. By forcing the issue…
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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

There is a saying we have all heard, "Practice makes perfect." That saying is wrong! The saying means that there is great value in repetition. In order to learn to do something right, you must do it again and again and again until it is second nature. However, what if you practice it wrong again…
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